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Being human is hard. That’s why we created the Breethe app: your all-day (and night!) partner for anxiety, stress, sleep, and more. People call us “the friendliest wellness app” — and there’s a reason why.

Rather than making meditation and wellness more items on your to-do list, we make it easily fit into your everyday life — and we like to think we do it with a sense of humor. We want to be the best ‘peace’ of your day 😉

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Lots of wonderful functionality for every part of the day. Like having a therapist, coach, and best friend. Just wonderful. Thank you!
“I use it every night when I go to bed and it ALWAYS helps me fall asleep, whether I’m listening to a guided meditation or nature sounds. Every. Single. Time. For me, that is HUGE, as I’ve struggled w/ insomnia for years.”
“This app is spectacular! The sleep stories and hypnotherapy sessions have done more for my insomnia than sleeping pills. I can’t recommend this enough!”
I have a chronic insomnia problem and this is my go-to nightly resource for help in falling asleep. Lots of variety to keep me from becoming bored and it does the trick.
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Meditation, hypnotherapy, stories, music, sounds - wellness solutions that work.

Quiet your mind, calm your body, and forget your troubles with our ever-growing library.

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Breethe’s content is developed by qualified professionals to create the most effective and supportive experience.

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Breethe gives you more ways to tune out, wind down, and drop off, including meditations, hypnotherapy, stories, music, and sounds.
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